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February 14, 2011

{Dresses}: BHLDN is here!

by Emily Grace

Behold y’all, BHLDN is here!

The moment that I have been anticipating has finally arrived. I was up bright and early this morning, and there I sat, on my couch in my pajamas, Law and Order SVU on the tv, scoping out the new wedding line from Anthropologie, BHLDN. Hope you got a sweet visual there.

Anyway, I’ve gotta say, I love the stuff, the dresses are unique and out of the ordinary, the accessories are precious and eclectic, and I’m obsessed with the cover-ups, but overall, I’m a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong the stuff is beautiful, but I can’t really get behind a $200 headband. I was honestly hoping that we were finally going to get the wedding line that not only impresses, but brings bride’s wonderful accessories and details at an affordable price, but that’s not what I’m seeing. The dresses and such are great and are somewhat reasonably priced and along the lines of what Anthropologie already offers, but I had a bit of sticker shock on some of the offerings. However, do check it out, and there is so much more to come over the next few months.

Here is some of the eye candy I found.

Loving the shorter length and the flattering silhouette of the Fondant Tea Dress and crazy about the low bow detail on the Sweeping Taffeta Ball Gown. I just love bows, and I like that they did a bow in a completely different way than most gowns.

Again, it’s all about the details here! I just want to wear these dresses everyday. They are unique and fun, and would be flattering on so many body types. They can also work with more formal weddings as well as more casual depending upon the accessories that you pair with them, and knowing Anthropologie, I’m thinking the material is quality and comfortable. Yes, please!

Bows! Bows! Bows! I think these are just so super cute. Great details and a perfect way to add a unique statement to your wedding day attire. I love headbands because it keeps my wild hair out of my eyes, and I just love the statements that these BHLDN accessories make. Here comes the but. I love them, but I cannot imagine paying more than $30 for a headband, belt, sash, whatever it may be. Maybe that makes me cheap, but most of these accessories are more than $100. For wedding attire, it’s pretty typical, but I suppose I’m still disappointed.

At the end of my browsing experience, I’m relatively pleased. I feel like things are starting to move in the right direction. I love that we’re seeing unique dresses, accessories, and a sense of personality that brides can bring to their weddings. Now, I just can’t wait until retailers start charging reasonable prices, instead of jacking up costs because of the word “wedding.” Until then, I’ll still be browsing the regular stores and looking for bargains (clearance section, you’re my only hope).

Check out BHLDN for yourself, and let me know what you think. What is your initial reaction? And how do you feel about the prices? Do you think BHLDN is living up to all the hype?

February 11, 2011

{Sweet Details}: Bunting

by Emily Grace

I’ve been finding myself totally obsessed lately. Obsessed with fun details, and the obsession isn’t ceasing.

Bunting is something that has caught my eye for some time now. It’s been used in so many clever way and has come far beyond the tacky plastic draping over car dealerships. The fun vibrant fabrics are a great way to add a pop of color to your event or to share a sweet message.

Bunting Invite Printables (**and they’re FREE) (…sorry guys, this deal is no longer valid, please check out the free bunting printable invitations provided by The Wedding Chicks.)

Vibrant Open-air Bunting as seen on The Wedding Decorator

Table Bunting as seen on Once Wed

Dessert Table Decorations as seen on 2nd Floor Living

The Original Cake Bunting by KikiLaRu

There are so many creative uses for bunting. What a wonderful decor item that is simple to incorporate into your event in a variety of ways.

What are your favorite uses of bunting?



December 11, 2010

{Inspiration}: Rustic Christmas

by Emily Grace

I love Christmas and winter and all things cold. Maybe this is because I live in Florida and we don’t get real “cold” very often, but we have it now, and it excites me! With the approaching holidays and this love for the current chilly weather (I’ll be over it in a week or so) I decided to pull together some fitting inspiration for this time of year. Whether its for a winter wedding or a Christmas party or just a time to hang out and relax with friends,  these images make you just want to bundle up and grab the nearest blanket and crowd around a fire with some of your closest friends.

Invitation from Wedding Bee, Barn with Draping from All Traditions, Christmas Plaid Bowtie by Forzieri

Table Settings from Real Simple, Cranberry Bag Table Numbers found on A Little White Mouse , Jingle Bells from Country Living

Wood Log Cake Stand from Once Wed, S’mores Treat Bag from Wish Special Events, Happy Guests by Fire from Project Wedding


What do I love the most about this? So much of it is DIY! Definitely look at the projects for the invitation, table settings, and the cake stand. Also, how simple is it to throw together a treat bag with all the fixing for s’mores and head outside around a fire. Place benches, chairs, or hay bales around the fire, grab a nice warm flannel blanket, and enjoy!

Hope everyone is enjoying this joyous holiday season, and most of all, staying warm!

December 2, 2010

{Etiquette with Emily}: when guests want to bring their children

by Emily Grace

As we all know, weddings can get pretty expensive. Keeping the guest list short is the best and easiest way to cut costs, but that often puts the couple in a sticky situation when it comes to RSVP’s.

Couples that are getting married are sure to be accumulating friends with children. A lot of couples choose to keep numbers small by not inviting any children to their wedding. I’ve had several people ask recently how to deal with returned RSVP’s where children have been included when they weren’t formally invited.

Reception Scene From Wedding Crashers

Honestly, there isn’t any awesome way to deal with this type of situation. An adults-only wedding is definitely the bride and groom’s prerogative. Regardless of what parents may think, it is impolite to add a child to the guest list when they were not included in the invite. So how do you stand firm to those who just don’t get it? Call the RSVPers and let them know how excited you are that they will be attending your wedding, but politely inform them that they will need to make alternative arrangements for their kids. If your guest list includes many out-of-towners, consider hiring a babysitter to watch the children at a separate location or in an area segmented from the wedding. Remember, regardless of what you do, it’s important not to make any exceptions because parents who do comply will be upset if they see a fellow guest’s children running around.

What do you think? How would you deal with this type of situation?

If you have any event etiquette questions, feel free to leave it in the comments or email me at emilygracedesign {at}

March 4, 2010

{Inspiration}: What’s on your feet?

by Emily Grace

Shut the front door!

I am a big proponent of unique and interesting footwear when it comes to weddings. Heck, I’m all for fun footwear all the time! We have come leaps and bounds from the awful, but typical bridal shoe (satin and dyeable were so 2000s). With women going high fashion or opting for something fun and comfortable, I get excited to see what women have chose to adorn their feet with.

Really, the possibilities are endless!

However, something has been brought to my attention, and I find it utterly disgraceful to women and shoes alike, and believe me, it is quite tragic! I understand that some women are opting for comfort, but you can do something fun like cowboy boots or colorful converse, so I don’t even understand the excuse for these. Look for yourself.

May I present to you… Wedding Sneakers by The Lovely Bride. Platform heel not your thing, no worries because they come in wedges too! They are described as having a satin look and a plasticized finish for durability. Well, bless the heart of any woman who chooses to wear these on her wedding day because she has become the butt of jokes for years to come.

I just can’t even deal. Please let me know if you know of anyone who has made such a fashion faux pas, maybe we can reach out to her and do an intervention.

Share with me your most loved and hated shoe trends?

***Side note, the pictures I included I had saved in a folder of things I like over the past year. If you know where any of them are from please message me so I can give the appropriate credit. Thanks a bunch!

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