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February 17, 2011

{Inspiration}: Girls’ Night Party Table

by Emily Grace

I’m very excited to post this cute little party today, though I guess I tend to be biased. I thought I’d share some pictures from the annual Girls’ Night Valentine’s Day Extravaganza that I throw every year. It was a great little cocktail party and a way to bring some of the amazing women in my life together and thank them for their friendship. Here are some of the pictures I snapped while setting up for the evening. Hope you enjoy!

The fabric flowers that lined the front of the table became the favors for the women at the party. The alligator clips on the back allowed the women to attach them to their blouses, sweaters, belts, or wear them as hair clips. Check out how I sported mine.

Oh, and don’t you just love the pink and yellow layered cake? Absolutely adorable and incredibly delicious.

Wanting to create something similar for your next party? Stay tuned for DIY tutorials for some of the decor items.

Here is the breakdown of costs for the decorations:

Circle Garland- $5.50 ($4 for 2 yellow and 2 pink scrapbooking papers and $1.50 for twine)

Mason Jars- $9.99 for set of 12

Fabric (one yard of yellow and one yard of pink)- $8

2 Bouquets of Flowers- $8

Pack of Straws- $2

Felt for Hearts- $0.75

Grosgrain Ribbon (pink and yellow)- $3.40

Plates, Bowls, Cake Stand, Carafe, Vase, etc. were from my cabinets.

Total: $37.64

How exciting! For under $40, I was able to create all the decorations for the party and have a lot of craft materials left over (I tend to over buy) that I can use on other projects. What types of DIY decor do you like to create for your personal parties?

February 11, 2010

Date and Non-date Foods

by Emily Grace

As I was sitting at my computer working this morning and a friend sent me a link to an article and it got me thinking.  The article was about “date foods” and “non-date foods.”  With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I’m assuming this article was meant to give those who actually go on romantic dinner dates a simple reminder of the impression that a food choice could make on a first date.

We typically think of “non-dating foods” as things like garlic and/or fast food for obvious reasons (though I guess I’m an exception because if the fast food is Taco Bell, I have found my soul mate).  Many times girls will order a salad at dinner for the appearance of being dainty and not a downright pig (I fail again), and this can be seen both positively or negatively by their date.  Is eating off your date’s plate acceptable?  Don’t order a salad if you’re going to eat all of his french fries.  I know I’m way protective of my french fries, and that would be an automatic turn-off.

Anyway, the article goes on to list several food tips to manage positive dating impressions.  I think it is totally gag-worthy, but I need second, third, etc. opinions because apparently I’m a bad dater by these standards.  Please see my side notes indicated by the *** next to a tip.

“And so, whether you are newly smitten, not yet “official” or working to keep love alive, you will want to follow these food tips to manage your positive impressions!

10 Tips for Eating on a Date

To create a good impression, refrain from foods that:

•    Drip, splash or leave a mess (e.g. spaghetti with sauce, over-filled tacos, soup, ribs, wings, lobster in the shell, and Popsicles in the wind)
***Love spaghetti. Taco Bell tacos are underfilled so am I in the clear? I thought soup was classy!
•    Make your mouth open really wide (e.g. Big Macs, deli sandwiches and sushi)
***So hamburgers are a no?
•    Stick in your teeth (e.g. corn on the cob, spinach, poppy seeds, and Turkish taffy)
•    Contain a part that requires discrete removal (e.g. olives with pits, fish with bones and fruit with seeds)
•    Are smelly going in or coming out  (e.g. raw onion, garlic, stinky fish and cheese, cruciferous vegetables and beans)
***I gather that I can’t eat Italian food or Chinese food from this.
•    Make you seem boring (e.g. vanilla ice cream, white bread, mushy peas, and salad without dressing)
***Being a picky eater makes you automatically unattractive.
•    Make you seem childish (e.g. chicken fingers, mac and cheese, using ketchup on everything, and separating the onions)
***I’ve come to realize that I will never be able to go on a date where food is involved. Chicken fingers, mac and cheese, ketchup, no onions, that’s my life. Is there a problem with ranch dressing?
•    Make you look unhealthy (e.g. fast food, big pieces of cheesecake, 20-ounce sodas, and Mudslides)
***But I AM unhealthy!
•    Most people think are weird (e.g. frogs legs, steak tartar, blood sausage and Spam)
•    Are so-called aphrodisiacs – without your full consent (e.g. raw oysters, dark chocolate, strawberries and bananas)
•    Make you forget you manners when you spill, spit, spray or otherwise eat with your mouth open; slurp, burp, belch or hiccup; turn your napkin into a bib or wipe your mouth on your sleeve or the tablecloth.

But apart from that, all other foods are fine.  Have a great date!”

So, all I’ve learned from this is that I have no reason to ever go on a date where eating is involved.  I need to find a man who has tastes as immature as mine.  Just because I went on a date to Taco Bell last year for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that we didn’t follow proper etiquette and table manners.  Our table was set, napkins in our laps, and we kept it classy.  Do not judge!  When I find someone who will accept my love for chicken fingers and ranch dressing and doesn’t care if I want my date to be at Taco Bell, I will know that I found true love!

Valentine's Day 2009 at Taco Bell with Maclean McAlister

What are your thoughts?

What are your Dating and Non-Dating Foods?  Have you had a bad experience eating with a date?

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and I hope you and your date stuff your face with all the glorious “non-date foods” that you can get your hands on!

February 10, 2010

All I need for Valentine’s Day is a Cupcake!

by Emily Grace

With Valentine’s Day at the end of the week, many of us are looking for sweet treats to give our beau.  If you CRAVE cupcakes like we do, you might find the perfect gift for your sweetie this year in these CRAVE-worthy cupcakeries.

Kumquat Cupcakery (

Devouring eight mini cupcakes seems to make us feel like we are consuming fewer calories than if we were to just eat one normal sized cupcake, but with calorie counting forgotten, there is nothing that would prevent us from eating as many of these cute and tasty mini cupcakes as we can possibly get our hands on.  Owner, Keavy Landreth, has made an impact on us with her cute little cupcakes with big bold flavors.  We just can’t get enough of them!

What makes them unique?  These bite-sized cupcakes feature a variety of unique flavors that result in a mind-blowing experience that leave your taste buds craving more.  Not sure about maple bacon or coffee caramel bourbon cupcakes?  Just pop one in your mouth and savor the sweetness because there will be no going back.

You can order Kumquat’s cupcakes online or find them every Saturday and Sunday at the Brooklyn Flea Market.  If you’re planning on picking up a few for Valentine’s Day, they have a PopUp Shop open February 11th-14th at 170 Franklin Street (between Kent and Java) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

sugar Sweet sunshine (

With an idea in mind and a name that was taken from an etching on the cement that said “sugar Sweet sunshine, Love” in a big heart, this delectable cupcakery came to life.  It’s hard to decide what we CRAVE more about these cupcakes—the light, fluffy, moist cake or the sweet, creamy, delicious icing?  We’ve come to settle on the fact that it must just be the beautiful collision that happens when the two come together.  They have hit the spot with serving up perfected recipes of the classic cupcakes that we all love!

What makes them unique?  Set up more like your grandma’s cozy and out-of-date living room, sugar Sweet sunshine offers a comfortable and fun place where people not only pick up yummy tasting treats to go, but can hang out as if in their own space.  Decorated with old furniture from the owners’ apartments and thrift shop finds, this cupcakery creates a cozy atmosphere that many shops in NYC miss out on.

126 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

Sweet Revenge (

After being laid off from a job in the corporate world, Owner/Founder Marlo Scott got her sweet revenge by forgetting the life of working for “the man” and started a business that she could love and enjoy.  With the unique concept of bringing tasty desserts and alcohol together, Sweet Revenge is not your granny’s cupcake shop.

What makes them unique? Aside from unique flavors and the wacky concept of a cupcakery and bar all in one, Sweet Revenge offers a list of beer and wine pairings to go with the cupcakes.  You beau will be totally tantalized by the fact that he can have his cake and eat it too… and have a beer to go with it.

62 Carmine Street (Between Bedford and 7th Ave)
New York, NY 10014

***This was a post that I made earlier today on CRAVE NYC Blog.  Check out all that we CRAVE around this great city!

Please enlighten me on your favorite NYC cupcake spots.  I’m always up for trying a new cupcake.

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