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May 25, 2011

Sometimes, things just happen!

by Emily Grace

I’d like to apologize for the recent hiatus from posting, but I’m hoping that the awesome things that are brewing will make up for it shortly.

Things are going to start looking quite different around here, and it is something that I can’t be more excited about. Not only will this blog be getting a facelift, but so will the website, business cards, and all of Emily Grace Design. It is something that has been in the works, and sitting on this big reveal is killing me. I can’t wait until I get to share the excitement with my readers, clients, and everyone that has been so supportive of me over the past few months. It’s exciting to see something that was just a hobby and something fun on the side really take off and become something so much bigger that I can put my heart into.

Thank you for your patience and support. I couldn’t have done it without you.

December 16, 2010

Be Awesome.

by Emily Grace

Be Awesome! That’s it. How incredibly simple.

I’ve been really down lately and for no apparent reason. Maybe its been the frustration of late nights at work to come home and work for several more hours. Maybe its the overwhelming nature of the holiday season and the feeling of never having enough time to actually get everything done. Not too sure, but I’m hopeful that the funk will pass soon.

Here’s a fun little picture that picked up my spirits today. Hope it will inspire you to forget about being sad, and just be awesome!

November 30, 2010

Big Moves!

by Emily Grace

So much has happened since I last posted. I apologize for the blogging hiatus, but I’ve been busy with an extended project that will hopefully come completely to life before the end of the year.

Things that have change since my last post…

I have made the big move from NYC to Winter Park, FL where I’m now working hard styling and designing events here in Florida as well as providing an online shopping portal to purchase the handmade decor items that I create for your very own event. Emily Grace Design is providing me great inspiration and I could have never imagined that these things would come together so quickly. Check out Emily Grace Design Shop on Etsy and on Zazzle and keep your eyes open for the official web launch in the upcoming weeks.

Check out some of the projects I’ve been working on!

April 4, 2010

{Holidays}: He has risen…

by Emily Grace

… He has risen indeed!


I love Easter! I really and truly do. It’s probably safe to say that Easter is my most favorite holiday, which some people think is really strange. Here are some reasons why I just love this holiday.


Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE Easter!

10. Peeps. Sugary, marshmallowy, peepy goodness!

9. When else do you ever use the word indeed?

8. Still getting Easter baskets far beyond what should be an acceptable age.

7. Waking up to bunny tracks on the driveway. (Unfortunately Mr. Wilson didn’t make it to my NY apartment to put tracks outside my door. Sad day!)

6. Deliciously yummy food.

5. Random gifts from my mother, oh, I meant the “Easter Bunny.”

4. Having my dad wake us up to get ready for church with a boisterous “HE HAS RISEN!”

3. Responding, “He has risen indeed.”

2. New dresses.

1. Being with family.


Unfortunately, I don’t get to be with my family for this Easter, but I appreciate all of the Easters that we’ve spent together. Whether it’s sitting with my sisters in the back of our house while mom and dad “check to see if the Easter Bunny had come yet,” meaning they were just then deciding to hide the eggs or spending Easter in Miami watching UM baseball games, Easter holds a dear place in my heart.


This year I’m lucky to spend Easter with my NY family. I’ll be going to Danielle’s parents’ house where I know there will be entirely too much food to even comprehend and I will be sure to be coming home 10 lbs heavier and completely satisfied. I’m so thankful that I have so many incredible people that are willing to take care of me.


Have a wonderful Easter day, and love on this fabulous weather that we have been given!



April 3, 2010

Struggle Bus

by Emily Grace

Spring is here! It’s officially official! I know that March 20th came and went, but the weather still gave me no hope of spring. However, this weekend is showing me that there is hope! Sunny and warm! We’re finally in the 70s babbaaaaayyyy! I’ve been wearing shorts and skipping down sidewalks and humming to myself as I walk to the subway. Spring brings me great joy, and I’m glad it’s finally showing face.

As for work, I’ve hit a major struggle bus. I’ve misplaced my brain, getting little sleep, and forgetting important things. I really need to get my life together and get on top of things especially with wedding craziness fixing to whack me in the face. Whether I’m in it to win it or having the worst day ever, I vow to make April as bright and cheery as it should be.

Saw this picture, and it made me smile. I’m making it my mantra for the month, and I think you should too!

Oh, and did I mention that I have the best boss ever? Danielle and I went and had a mani/pedi break during work. It was much needed with the kinds of weeks we’ve been having and little things like a fun color on your nails just makes everything alright. Whoda thunk that some fuscia nail polish could completely turn your outlook on things?!?

Hope your Good Friday was fantastic and enjoy your Easter weekend!

March 3, 2010

Nail Polish Stains

by Emily Grace

I realize that I’m an awful storyteller, so simply bare with me, there is a point to this post.

This past weekend, I decided it was yet again time to release my inner wild child. No this doesn’t necessarily mean late night shenanigans, questionable decisions, regrettable tattoos, or anything of the sorts. This just means that I decided to paint my nails a lovely shade of Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. I was sitting on the couch in the apartment painting my nails and watching my roommate workout with Jillian Michael’s (No More Trouble Zones is awesome!). Somehow during this exciting activity I dropped the bottle of nail polish on the floor and spilled onto the carpet. Seeing as the carpet does not belong to me, I did have a little bit of a panic moment, but then again I forgot that I am the Stain Master!

After a minor internal panic attack, I began attacking the stain. Went and grabbed the rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, nail polish remover, hair spray and a cup of water from the bathroom then got to work. (Here’s the point to the story…)

If you ever spill nail polish on the carpet, here’s what to do.

Keep the polish wet. First pour a little bit of water on the spot and blot up as much of the color as possible with a rag. Next pour on a little bit of alcohol and scrub, a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and scrub, and spray some hair spray and scrub. I first tried to use the nail polish remover, but it didn’t get me far, but the others worked like a charm. It took 2 or 3 rounds of this, but it came out without a problem.

Note that you should probably read the label on the carpet before using these products. Apparently they can be harmful to the fibers in some carpets and you could have a bigger problem on your hands. It worked for me, so at least there isn’t a giant purple spot in our living room anymore.

Lessons learned: Do not paint nails over carpet. Perhaps I should avoid dark colors. I am incredible at removing stains.

Until the next stain… stay clean.

February 11, 2010

Date and Non-date Foods

by Emily Grace

As I was sitting at my computer working this morning and a friend sent me a link to an article and it got me thinking.  The article was about “date foods” and “non-date foods.”  With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I’m assuming this article was meant to give those who actually go on romantic dinner dates a simple reminder of the impression that a food choice could make on a first date.

We typically think of “non-dating foods” as things like garlic and/or fast food for obvious reasons (though I guess I’m an exception because if the fast food is Taco Bell, I have found my soul mate).  Many times girls will order a salad at dinner for the appearance of being dainty and not a downright pig (I fail again), and this can be seen both positively or negatively by their date.  Is eating off your date’s plate acceptable?  Don’t order a salad if you’re going to eat all of his french fries.  I know I’m way protective of my french fries, and that would be an automatic turn-off.

Anyway, the article goes on to list several food tips to manage positive dating impressions.  I think it is totally gag-worthy, but I need second, third, etc. opinions because apparently I’m a bad dater by these standards.  Please see my side notes indicated by the *** next to a tip.

“And so, whether you are newly smitten, not yet “official” or working to keep love alive, you will want to follow these food tips to manage your positive impressions!

10 Tips for Eating on a Date

To create a good impression, refrain from foods that:

•    Drip, splash or leave a mess (e.g. spaghetti with sauce, over-filled tacos, soup, ribs, wings, lobster in the shell, and Popsicles in the wind)
***Love spaghetti. Taco Bell tacos are underfilled so am I in the clear? I thought soup was classy!
•    Make your mouth open really wide (e.g. Big Macs, deli sandwiches and sushi)
***So hamburgers are a no?
•    Stick in your teeth (e.g. corn on the cob, spinach, poppy seeds, and Turkish taffy)
•    Contain a part that requires discrete removal (e.g. olives with pits, fish with bones and fruit with seeds)
•    Are smelly going in or coming out  (e.g. raw onion, garlic, stinky fish and cheese, cruciferous vegetables and beans)
***I gather that I can’t eat Italian food or Chinese food from this.
•    Make you seem boring (e.g. vanilla ice cream, white bread, mushy peas, and salad without dressing)
***Being a picky eater makes you automatically unattractive.
•    Make you seem childish (e.g. chicken fingers, mac and cheese, using ketchup on everything, and separating the onions)
***I’ve come to realize that I will never be able to go on a date where food is involved. Chicken fingers, mac and cheese, ketchup, no onions, that’s my life. Is there a problem with ranch dressing?
•    Make you look unhealthy (e.g. fast food, big pieces of cheesecake, 20-ounce sodas, and Mudslides)
***But I AM unhealthy!
•    Most people think are weird (e.g. frogs legs, steak tartar, blood sausage and Spam)
•    Are so-called aphrodisiacs – without your full consent (e.g. raw oysters, dark chocolate, strawberries and bananas)
•    Make you forget you manners when you spill, spit, spray or otherwise eat with your mouth open; slurp, burp, belch or hiccup; turn your napkin into a bib or wipe your mouth on your sleeve or the tablecloth.

But apart from that, all other foods are fine.  Have a great date!”

So, all I’ve learned from this is that I have no reason to ever go on a date where eating is involved.  I need to find a man who has tastes as immature as mine.  Just because I went on a date to Taco Bell last year for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that we didn’t follow proper etiquette and table manners.  Our table was set, napkins in our laps, and we kept it classy.  Do not judge!  When I find someone who will accept my love for chicken fingers and ranch dressing and doesn’t care if I want my date to be at Taco Bell, I will know that I found true love!

Valentine's Day 2009 at Taco Bell with Maclean McAlister

What are your thoughts?

What are your Dating and Non-Dating Foods?  Have you had a bad experience eating with a date?

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and I hope you and your date stuff your face with all the glorious “non-date foods” that you can get your hands on!

January 6, 2010

Lights! Camera! Celebrate!

by Emily Grace

Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

We have an article in another magazine!  So exciting!

Check out the Spring 2010 issue of For the Bride Magazine.  The full page article can be found on page 78 and features advice from Curtain Up Events on everything from location to signature cocktails to catering to the sweet treats.  Unfortunately, For the Bride doesn’t have a website so you’ll have to go to the store and check out the article there.

Congratulations Danielle!  The article is awesome!

If you get a chance to read the article, let me know what you think.

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December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Challah-days!

by Emily Grace

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Oh the boredom that succumbed me the past several days.  At least I am blessed with an incredible family and the wonderful gift of my cousin Luke coming for Christmas.  I wish you all the best Christmas and a delightful Challah-day season!  Be thankful for the gifts you have in your life, and pray and provide for those that are going without.

December 10, 2009

My heat goes Boom Boom Boom

by Emily Grace

My ability to get work done, whether it be real work or blog work, has come to a complete halt today. Why you ask? Apartment maintenance I tell you! I live in a delightful little disaster. Since the gas leak and subsequent stove and oven replacement I have made at least three maintenance calls a week in order to complain about the tractor-trailer (or radiator) in my room and the lack of heat that my stove/oven produces.

Today I have a wonderful handyman, Julio, working on my apartment. He asked, in Spanish–a language that I don’t speak, to borrow my tools because he didn’t bring any with him. Then he broke a piece off my radiator, went to the hardware store, decided to just get rid of that radiator (which he couldn’t move and requested a towel to put under it to slide it out of my apartment… and then boom boom boom down the stairs) and now a new (actually previously owned) radiator has entered my room. I just hope it doesn’t sound like I-95 is running through my bedroom anymore. The stove and oven have yet to be fixed.

With two more events this week, a trip to Ikea in store to pick up tables for Saturday’s wedding, and a flower district adventure in order, this was the last thing I needed today! Will I get everything done? I sure hope so, but until then, I will watch the Food Network and work on my Christmas craft projects.

Keep it Sweet ‘n Low!

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