{Etiquette with Emily}: when guests want to bring their children

by Emily Grace

As we all know, weddings can get pretty expensive. Keeping the guest list short is the best and easiest way to cut costs, but that often puts the couple in a sticky situation when it comes to RSVP’s.

Couples that are getting married are sure to be accumulating friends with children. A lot of couples choose to keep numbers small by not inviting any children to their wedding. I’ve had several people ask recently how to deal with returned RSVP’s where children have been included when they weren’t formally invited.

Reception Scene From Wedding Crashers

Honestly, there isn’t any awesome way to deal with this type of situation. An adults-only wedding is definitely the bride and groom’s prerogative. Regardless of what parents may think, it is impolite to add a child to the guest list when they were not included in the invite. So how do you stand firm to those who just don’t get it? Call the RSVPers and let them know how excited you are that they will be attending your wedding, but politely inform them that they will need to make alternative arrangements for their kids. If your guest list includes many out-of-towners, consider hiring a babysitter to watch the children at a separate location or in an area segmented from the wedding. Remember, regardless of what you do, it’s important not to make any exceptions because parents who do comply will be upset if they see a fellow guest’s children running around.

What do you think? How would you deal with this type of situation?

If you have any event etiquette questions, feel free to leave it in the comments or email me at emilygracedesign {at} gmail.com.


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