{Holidays}: The day that no other dads can compete.

by Emily Grace

My Captain. My Teacher. My Confidant. My Sailing Buddy. My Chef. My Dry Cleaner. My Chauffeur. My Parole Officer. My Pitcher. My Goalie. My Photographer. My Hurricane Supporter. My Nagger. My Support System. My Hero. My Biggest Fan. My Best Friend. My Dad.

There are few people in the world that I hold in higher esteem and that I brag about more than my father. He is someone who I rub in the faces of married women to let them know that my mom married a man of perfection. He is the principal that every teacher wishes to work for. He’s the one that irons our clothes an makes sure we look polished before leaving the house. He’s the man who super glued bows to my hair for a dance recital because he couldn’t figure out how the darn thing worked. He’s someone who would show up early and stay late at my softball practice to ensure I recovered from knee surgery and persevered to become the athlete I wanted to be. He’s someone who will fly the hurricane storm flags at our house for every Miami game and take fault for losses because he forgot to raise the flags. He’s someone who I look up to immensely and someone I judge every man against.

In my eyes, my father is perfect, to my mother, I’m sure she probably has some gripes, but at then end of the day, she knows that she got lucky. I hope that someday I will be as lucky as my mother and marry a man that is more than just a hard worker, a housekeeper, an incredible father, the most awesome cook, but also someone who continues to excite me after more than 30 years together.

Today is your day dad. I love you more than the world. Happy fathers day to all the dads, I hope they realize that they will never ever be able to compare to mine.


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