{Holidays}: The most amazing woman I know!

by Emily Grace

Why my mom is the most amazing woman:


She lets us lick the beaters of the mixer (unless it was mashed potatoes), and she even turned the mixer off first. (Thanks greeting card writers, you are genius!)

When she took 2 years off work, she perfected chocolate chocolate chip cookies for us, and on the days she didn’t make cookies, she cooked cinnamon on the stove so the house smelled like she cooked something yummy.

She throws the best themed birthday parties—complete with craft projects! Think cow party with spotted t-shirts and homemade ice cream activity or handmade Queen of Hearts invitations for Alice in Wonderland.

No matter how many annoying students she had to deal with that day at work, she would still help us with our math homework or read our books out loud to us while we were hanging upside down or falling asleep in her lap.

She makes the BEST sports video montages!

She learned to text message when I was in college so that I had no excuse to not talk to her.

She never hogs all the strawberries or raw cookie dough to herself, but is always willing to share with my sisters and me.

She never tells me that I shouldn’t buy another pair of jeans because she realizes how incredibly practical they are.

Mom would always let us take turns with our head on her lap so she would play with our hair or tickle our back, no matter how old we were.

No matter how early it is in the morning, she’s still willing to give me a wake up call for catching a cab to the airport or getting out of bed to go to the gym. (Unless its her spring break.)

She sends the world’s greatest care packages in my opinion, and the world’s weirdest packages in the opinions of my friends.

She knows all of my favorite kinds of candy, and knows its ok to spoil me with them.

She’ll still watch movies with us, even though she knows that she’ll fall asleep after the first 30 minutes.

She learned how to french braid hair at the softball field because that’s how I wanted to wear my hair in my games.

My mom makes the BEST homemade icing.

She supports me no matter what random goal I’ve decided to set my sites on… this week.

My mom is great for more reasons that I can ever list. She is the person I turn to with the most exciting news in the world or when I feel like the world is against me. She has inspired me to follow my dreams and pushed me to become someone that I never thought I could. She has no problem transferring all of her brainpower to my sisters and myself before tests, running out last minute to make sure we’re fully stocked with Ticonderoga pencils, and she is never lacking in creative ideas for projects. My mother is someone that I will always look up to, always treasure as a friend, and someone that I respect more than anyone else in the world. I am truly blessed to have such a great mom.

My sisters and I realize that when she tells us to suck it up when we scrape our knee, that she’s only making us tougher. We know that she loves us despite how many times we ask her if the angel is made out of glass or when we track dog poop through the house for the 20th time. We know that if something were wrong, she’d be the first to be by our side and the last to leave. My mom will always be my biggest fan, and she has raised three pretty decent girls that will always know that they have a lot to live up to.

We're not sure why our Dad puts up with us.

Thank you mom for all that you do and all that you are. Happy Mother’s Day!


One Comment to “{Holidays}: The most amazing woman I know!”

  1. I bet you made mom cry!

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