{Holidays}: He has risen…

by Emily Grace

… He has risen indeed!


I love Easter! I really and truly do. It’s probably safe to say that Easter is my most favorite holiday, which some people think is really strange. Here are some reasons why I just love this holiday.


Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE Easter!

10. Peeps. Sugary, marshmallowy, peepy goodness!

9. When else do you ever use the word indeed?

8. Still getting Easter baskets far beyond what should be an acceptable age.

7. Waking up to bunny tracks on the driveway. (Unfortunately Mr. Wilson didn’t make it to my NY apartment to put tracks outside my door. Sad day!)

6. Deliciously yummy food.

5. Random gifts from my mother, oh, I meant the “Easter Bunny.”

4. Having my dad wake us up to get ready for church with a boisterous “HE HAS RISEN!”

3. Responding, “He has risen indeed.”

2. New dresses.

1. Being with family.


Unfortunately, I don’t get to be with my family for this Easter, but I appreciate all of the Easters that we’ve spent together. Whether it’s sitting with my sisters in the back of our house while mom and dad “check to see if the Easter Bunny had come yet,” meaning they were just then deciding to hide the eggs or spending Easter in Miami watching UM baseball games, Easter holds a dear place in my heart.


This year I’m lucky to spend Easter with my NY family. I’ll be going to Danielle’s parents’ house where I know there will be entirely too much food to even comprehend and I will be sure to be coming home 10 lbs heavier and completely satisfied. I’m so thankful that I have so many incredible people that are willing to take care of me.


Have a wonderful Easter day, and love on this fabulous weather that we have been given!




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