Struggle Bus

by Emily Grace

Spring is here! It’s officially official! I know that March 20th came and went, but the weather still gave me no hope of spring. However, this weekend is showing me that there is hope! Sunny and warm! We’re finally in the 70s babbaaaaayyyy! I’ve been wearing shorts and skipping down sidewalks and humming to myself as I walk to the subway. Spring brings me great joy, and I’m glad it’s finally showing face.

As for work, I’ve hit a major struggle bus. I’ve misplaced my brain, getting little sleep, and forgetting important things. I really need to get my life together and get on top of things especially with wedding craziness fixing to whack me in the face. Whether I’m in it to win it or having the worst day ever, I vow to make April as bright and cheery as it should be.

Saw this picture, and it made me smile. I’m making it my mantra for the month, and I think you should too!

Oh, and did I mention that I have the best boss ever? Danielle and I went and had a mani/pedi break during work. It was much needed with the kinds of weeks we’ve been having and little things like a fun color on your nails just makes everything alright. Whoda thunk that some fuscia nail polish could completely turn your outlook on things?!?

Hope your Good Friday was fantastic and enjoy your Easter weekend!


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