{Inspiration}: What’s on your feet?

by Emily Grace

Shut the front door!

I am a big proponent of unique and interesting footwear when it comes to weddings. Heck, I’m all for fun footwear all the time! We have come leaps and bounds from the awful, but typical bridal shoe (satin and dyeable were so 2000s). With women going high fashion or opting for something fun and comfortable, I get excited to see what women have chose to adorn their feet with.

Really, the possibilities are endless!

However, something has been brought to my attention, and I find it utterly disgraceful to women and shoes alike, and believe me, it is quite tragic! I understand that some women are opting for comfort, but you can do something fun like cowboy boots or colorful converse, so I don’t even understand the excuse for these. Look for yourself.

May I present to you… Wedding Sneakers by The Lovely Bride. Platform heel not your thing, no worries because they come in wedges too! They are described as having a satin look and a plasticized finish for durability. Well, bless the heart of any woman who chooses to wear these on her wedding day because she has become the butt of jokes for years to come.

I just can’t even deal. Please let me know if you know of anyone who has made such a fashion faux pas, maybe we can reach out to her and do an intervention.

Share with me your most loved and hated shoe trends?

***Side note, the pictures I included I had saved in a folder of things I like over the past year. If you know where any of them are from please message me so I can give the appropriate credit. Thanks a bunch!

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