Pancakes Alive

by Emily Grace

Happy National Pancake Week!

I love pancakes. I really do. I love when my dad makes me pancakes. Growing up my dad would usually make us pancakes on Saturday mornings. Whether you were rolling out of bed at 8, 9, 10, or 11 am, you just knew that you could get your hands on some delicious pancakes and the smell of bacon (sometimes you had to make sure you were up early to actually get a slice of the bacon, we tend to devour it in our house). Sundays were usually reserved for waffles or french toast, both of which I love, but I loved that I could count on having Saturday morning pancakes.

Yums in my Tums!

I always liked to wake up early so that I could have the first batch off the griddle. This meant they were cooked in the fresh bacon grease, and that makes them even tastier. They get a nice crunchy edge around them. Yums in my tums. I eat mine with just butter or with a little dribble of syrup. It doesn’t take much. The best part though, is getting to share them at the breakfast table with my family. Even if we are too groggy to talk to each other, just eating meals with my family is something to be excited about.

I’m sad that I don’t get pancakes every Saturday anymore. I make them occasionally, but they never taste as good as my dad’s. However, this week is National Pancake Week, February 14th-20th, that is just super exciting to me. I wish that meant that I could wake up to a wonderful stack of fluffy pancakes each morning, but then again I’d be 500 lbs. Perhaps I’ll treat myself sometime this week.

Here’s the recipe we use:

The basic pancake recipe uses 2 cups of Bisquick mix, 2 eggs (beaten), and 1 cup of milk. Simply beat all the ingredients together until well blended and then pour approximately ¼ cup portions onto a sizzling hot greased (we like bacon grease) or nonstick griddle. Cook until the edges begin to dry and a lot of bubbles appear in the batter and they are golden brown on the bottom, then flip and continue cooking until that side is golden brown, as well. Serve hot with butter and syrup and watch them disappear. You can also serve them with jam or fresh fruit or add fun things in them, but I don’t need that to satisfy my belly.

How do you like your pancakes? Do you have a favorite recipe you use?

Eat up!


One Comment to “Pancakes Alive”

  1. You know a stack of pancakes will be waiting for you when you come home. I must comment on your posted recipe. I use 1 1/14 to 1 1/2 cups of milk with 2 cups of Bisquick. This produces a nice crisp pancake.


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