The Cupcake Dance

by Emily Grace

If you haven’t heard… I LOVE cupcakes!  I love eating cupcakes.  I love baking cupcakes.  I love giving away cupcakes.  I love finding the most perfect cupcakes in all of New York City.

This little cupcake video did nothing but put a very large grin on my face.  I’ve been in quite a funk lately.  Maybe it’s because my oven still isn’t working so there has been a lack of baking in my life, but regardless, this made my night just a little bit brighter.  How I wish I had a cupcake to share in a sweet little dance!

Check out some of my favorite NYC cupcakeries.  CrumbsSugar Sweet SunshineThe Cupcake StopKumquat (check out the maple bacon… I know, but trust me. Plus Keavy, the owner, is absolutely fab!).  Two Little Red Hens (awesome red velvet, promise).

What’s your favorite type of cupcake or favorite cupcake place?  Please share, I’m always needing new cupcakes in my life!


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