{Inspiration}: The Perfect Silhouette

by Emily Grace

All craziness of the day aside (Danielle, I can only hope things got better after I left), I’m finally able to sit and write a little something, and oddly enough the inspiration came in the midst of piles of work, conference calls, baby (not mine) spilling cold coffee everywhere, and the minute flip through of a bridal magazine and ooos and aaahhhs with Danielle is where I found my idea.  SILHOUETTES!

The use of silhouettes in the design conception and fruition of an event is becoming increasingly popular.  Maybe it’s a cute homage to the love of vintage and the classic cameo broaches that are popping up again, whatever it is, I’m lovin’ it!  It makes every aspect of design so uniquely personal to you and your fiancé.  From invitations to escort cards, from the cake to favors, this silhouette detailing can enhance every little detail in your wedding.

Design themes are sometimes tough to think up when it comes to your wedding.  I love so many different things that I don’t know how I would ever choose.  The use of silhouettes keeps things simple and classic, without having to go overboard with some type of showy theme.  The best part is silhouettes work great with any color scheme so you’re not limited in that area.  Keep scrolling for some of my favorite silhouette ideas!

These silhouette invitations from Mr. Bodington’s Studio (their stuff is ah-mazing!) evoke a very classic feel.

Love this even more.  Find at Bird and Banner.

The invitation above from Emily Ink on Etsy would be perfect for a retro, soda shop inspired wedding.

Though a card isn’t really my style, how cute are these to ask your friends to join your wedding party?  Find them at Parcel Post, but they too are by Mr. Bodington’s Studio.

I love the idea of livening up the escort cards with the bride or groom’s silhouette depending upon who the person is a guest of.  Though this could get a little tricky if they are close friends of both of y’all.  Still, it makes for a cute card.  Again by Mr. Bodington’s Studio, seriously check them out!

Photobooths are becoming ever so popular at weddings as well, but it would also be really fun to have a silhouette artist to provide cute keepsakes for your guests.  Finally, something more flattering than another awful caricature of myself.

Photograph by Amy Squires via Style Me Pretty

Unfortunately a silhouette artist might not be in your budget, but having a delectable treat for your guests to take home (or eat immediately) is another fun way to bring this design element to life.

Photography by Amy Squires via Style Me Pretty

And oh the cake!  I love how simple this cake is.  People tend to forget when picking out cake designs that though the elaborate cakes are eye-catching and fun; they tend to be very pricey.  This simple cake still has incredible detail and the contrast of the silhouettes to the fondant is just as eye-catching as any crazy design (and probably significantly less expensive).  This one is from K. Rose Cakes based in Washington D.C. and was featured on the Style Me Pretty blog earlier this year.

Other ways you can incorporate the silhouette into your décor is by labeling the bride and groom chairs with the corresponding silhouettes on the back, using the detail design on menu cards, as a lighting design on the dance floor (though I don’t know if I would want people dancing on my face), on table runners or virtually anything else.  The most important thing to be weary of is to not go too overboard with it.  Like any other theme, silhouettes are to be done in moderation.  Allow your guests to get what you were going for and have an “aww, that’s cute” feeling and not a “wow, they’re a little into themselves” feeling.  I’m sure you can make it just perfect!

What do you think about incorporating silhouettes into your wedding design?


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