Saying Thanks

by Emily Grace

I apologize for my blogging hiatus for the past several days, but getting back into the swing of things and starting a second job turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated.  I’m currently a slave to my day planner, but alas I’m back.

With the holidays over and the last of the late gifts being received, thank you notes have been on my mind a great deal.  There is nothing I love more than receiving a personal card or letter in the mail.  My little sister definitely deserves exemplary awards for being a pro at such a task.  She always sends the best cards and letters and has a fabulous sense of humor that makes anyone who has received one beg for more.

Unfortunately, I am not so skilled at either writing entertaining letters or staying on top of special notes and thank yous.  This is something I would like to work at more in this coming year.  Hand written notes are some of the things I cherish most.  I have a box in my bedroom at my parents’ house full of cards, letters, even notes passed in school, so why not pass on this treasured gift to those that I love and care about.

Thank you notes can be written for so many different reasons.  Did you receive killer wedding gifts? Birthday gifts? For the sake of giving, gifts? Are you thanking someone for an interview? For throwing a smashing party? Or thanking someone for just being an amazing person and a part of your life? So many great reasons to say “Thank You!”

Here are some etiquette essentials when it comes to writing thank you notes.

Traditional etiquette dictates that thank you notes be sent within two to three weeks after receipt of a gift, eight weeks at the absolute maximum.

Never type a thank you note, but please write legibly.  Use a good pen, smeared ink blobs are not easy to decipher and black or dark blue ink is best.

Make sure you mention the gift specifically in the note.  Creating a prefab note saying “Dear Aunt Carole, Thanks for the vase. Love, Emily” will NEVER cut it.  If the gift is monetary, there is no need to mention the amount, but thanking the person for the generous gift, and what you plan to purchase with it is completely appropriate.

You already know better than to send a thank you note on any old scrap paper unless you’re expressing your artistic style (doubt it).  Picking the perfect cards for you can be fun.  If your thank you notes are for your wedding, you might opt to order special cards to match your invitations or wedding theme.  This makes things easier, and you don’t worry about stocking up on thank you notes after the fact.   Check out some of my favorites below.

Row 1: Papyrus–Mod Circles with Lines, Etsy SewColorfulDesigns, Etsy Red Bird Road Designs

Row 2: Etsy Seven Cupcakes, Supermarket–Smooches Gracias, Etsy 2 Crafting Sisters, Supermarket–Thank You Very Much

Row 3: Etsy Design Dude (perfect for my friend Becca, but few others), Crane’s Kate Spade–Thanks-a-million, Crane’s–Engraved Six Languages, Kate’s Paperie–Ruled Line

I highly encourage you to check out three of my favorite stores for stationery needs. Paper Presentation—where you can create a custom card using a variety of envelopes, cardstocks, stamps, ribbons, etc. to make it uniquely yours, Papyrus—which has such a fantastic selection of packaged note cards and thank you cards, and Kate’s Paperie—with so many cute stationery sets.  Don’t feel stuck with using a card that says “thank you,” but a fun personal stationery set can be cute too!

Though etiquette tips are nice, it’s important to that your notes are genuinely your own.  I doubt my sister ever uses proper etiquette when writing notes, but they are definitely all her.  As long as you are sincere and your message is timely, your note is sure to be received warmly.

Who will you be sending your thanks to?


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