DIY: Mason Jars (thanks MSLO)

by Emily Grace

I’ve been a little bit busy with getting back into the swing of things with work and just being back in New York City in general.  I’m super exhausted and already have a full schedule for my first week back and I didn’t get in until yesterday morning.  Here’s something fun to hold you over until I can get my body and brain back to working.

I saw this DIY craft project on the Martha Stewart Weddings Blog today, The Bride’s Guide.  I know I’m lame for just being a reposter of this blog article, but I couldn’t help but love it.  I love everything with mason jars.  I like the way that these are done is way better than the ones you always see with the fabric just thrown over the lid and tied down.  This gives a more modern edge to the country design.  I think it would be great to use this as a favor at a wedding or any other party if you have a great family cookie recipe or soemthing that you can share as a treat with your guests.  I also love their suggestion about using the jars as your escort cards as well!  So clever.

It’s also a simple and inexpensive gift you can give to friends and family just to show that you care.  I want to make them so I have incredibly cute storage jars in my kitchen.  Enjoy crafting, I know I will!

Posted by Corinne Gill, Craft Expert- MSLO (The Bride’s Guide)


As a special gift for the holidays, one of the weddings staffers brought us all homemade jam in these simple, yet perfectly packaged jars. I love the way she mixed the patterns and colors on the paper inserts for their tops, and the varying sizes of the jars adds a nice playfulness to the display. Always in the wedding spirit, my first thought was how perfect these would be as an easy but fun way to package favors. You could even turn them into escort cards by adding your guests’ names on the top, and by matching the patterned papers to the tables–maybe by making a simple paper napkin band to grace each setting or paper wrap around the votives or vases.


To make these perfectly packaged fellows, you’ll need jars, or course, which can usually be found in your local supermarket, or you can order larger quantities at Canning Pantry. We used the 8 oz. and 12 oz. quilted crystal jelly jars. And you’ll need decorative papers. I love that these are each different but coordinated. You can chose any papers in your wedding palette–either card or text weight will work.

To cut the circles, one of my favorite tools is the Martha Stewart circle cutter, and not just because it bears our name–seriously. It allows you to cut perfect circles from one to five-and-a-half inches, all with the same tool. We wanted ours all two-and-a-half inches to fit the jar tops, so we put a small sticker on the right spot on the cutter to avoid searching for it every time. Once you’ve got all your circles cut, you’ll put them above the sealing lid, under the screw top, so it’s all secured.


These are fantastic filled with homemade jam, but for those of us who are better out of the kitchen than in it (ahem, me), you could just as easily fill them with another goody of your choice: powdered hot chocolate, tea, candies, or cookies. What would you put inside?


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