Keeping Your Life Organized in 2010

by Emily Grace

In a world of PDAs and Blackberries and iPhones, I’m a little old school.  I have a Blackberry that is like my second self, but I just can’t get into putting my entire life into it and using it as my datebook/planner/life reminder.  When I remember, I will add things into my calender, and the note section is great when I’m looking to record subway and walking directions somewhere or I need to write down a title of a song that I like, but other than that I’m helpless.  I prefer pre-2000s datebooks and notebooks to keep my life in order.  I’ve been known to have three datebooks going at one time–monthly view, weekly view, and daily view.  I have higher standards for my datebooks than I do for most things in my life.  Without them, I would not know whether to “scratch my watch or wind my butt” –thanks Dolly Parton for that memorable  line in the movie Steel Magnolias.

As it is time for most of us to catalog (or toss if you must) your old datebook and buy a replacement for the year to come, I have provided my favorites for you.  Some of them are not practical for me in the least because they are way too fun, and I wouldn’t actually get anything done, but I figured that they were still worthy of sharing.  Maybe it’s just what YOU need!

dotmine group

The planner on the left  is the planner that I currently have.  I got super duper lucky with this one because I got it for FREE!  It was part of a gift bag at the Savor the Success holiday shopping event in December.  It retails for $9.99 at on and can also be found at Borders Bookstore.  It is a life_time dot mine planner by the dotmine group.  Why I love it: it lasts for 17 months (September 2009-January 2011), has a monthy layout, weekly layout, weekly schedule, master schedule, personal roadmap (to help you achieve goals), a life page and a work page.  On weekly layout there are also notes columns, one for work and one for life to make lists!  This cuts back on additional notebooks that I will need to make such “to-do” lists.

Ecosystem Life

I like this little pink one on the right because Ecosystem Life let’s you have the freedom to customize it to what you need.  I love the one pictured above that has the weekly calendar on the left and a note page on the right.  You can also choose a monthly view or weekly view without note pages.  They come in three different sizes and a varity of colors and range in price from $9.95 to $17.95.  If you couldn’t tell from the company name, these planners are also eco-friendly, made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.  They also make journals and essay books.

8 Days a Week Planner by Bob's Your Uncle

This cute stripped planner would not work for me because it doesn’t provide enough space for everything I think I have to do each day, but I love that it is 8 days a week.  The eighth day is “Someday.”  Love that!  Despite being insanely organized, I still procrastinate and a someday option would be nice.  You can buy it for $18 at

Aquatic Adventure Weekly Planner by Little Otsu

Non-Planner Datebook by Little Otsu

These two planners above I just find absolutely adorable, but realize they would be a complete and utter distraction for me.  Though I’m not much of a fan of aquatic creatures when I’m in the ocean, I love this Aquatic Adventure Weekly Planner.  For $15 at Bang Bang You’re Thread, you can get this awesome planner that comes complete with giant squid stickers.  Whoever said grownup planners can’t be fun and have stickers?  The Non-Planner Datebook by Little Otsu is filled with lots of unconventional pages that are designed to inspire creativity and carry your great ideas.  Hours of fun and accomplishing nothing for only $12.95.

What in your mind makes the perfect datebook?  Happy planning now that you have the perfect book to keep yourself organized.


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