Ruffle My Cake

by Emily Grace

I have become utterly frustrated with baking cakes.  A few months ago I came home severely frustrated and decided that cooking up a delicious cake was just the recipe for curing this frustration.  I whipped up a yummy batter and poured it into two greased 9-inch round pans, went to slide the pans in the oven to realize that both pans would not fit in my itty-bitty-New York City oven.  I proceeded to just sit on the floor of the kitchen and cry a little.  Talk about adding to a frustrated day!

After wiping my tears away, I finally got both layers of the cake baked only to realize that I don’t own a cake plate to put my creation on.  I decided to improvise and placed the cake on one of our dinner plates and stuck it in the microwave to keep it fresh.  Thought the microwave kept the cake incredibly fresh, it was disappointing to not have it sitting out on a stunning plate.  This got me searching for a cake plate of my dreams.  Who knew that there were so many absolutely gorgeous cake plates out there?  I want them all!

This one definitely struck my fancy though.  It made things a little more cheery for my utmost frustration.  Pink AND Ruffled!  Thank you cake plate God!

Pink Ruffled Cake Plate

From Expressions

So cute!  Unfortunately it is currently out of stock, which is a definite bummer, but bet your bottom that I’ll be keeping my eye on the restocking of this precious platter.


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