Merry Christmas Eve

by Emily Grace

With a load of holidays upon us there is the continuous conversation about holiday traditions. I decided that I should go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and share some of my favorite holiday traditions. My family has a host of traditions that span from what we eat to where we celebrate to what we even wear. There is no excuse for breaking tradition! My grandmother tried to change things up one year for Christmas Eve and make things easier on herself since she had recently gone under the knife and received a very merry pacemaker for Christmas. Instead of serving london broil she tried to serve us ring sandwiches. Needless to say, she will NEVER make that mistake again.

Christmas is quite the family affair. Christmas Eve is celebrated at grandma and grandpa’s house with all of the cousins, no matter how much they downsize. We head off to the midnight service that night then immediately fall asleep when we get home. Christmas morning usually consists of my dad being super anxious and waking my sisters and myself up, eating sausage balls, and opening gifts. Growing up my mother never let us roll out of bed to open presents in our pajamas. She said she didn’t want to have us looking sloppy in our Christmas pictures because she hates that about the pictures of Christmas growing up. My little sister has decided to implement the tradition of making all of us wear tacky Christmas sweaters to open our presents and then take a family portrait to document our fashionable attire. Then the whole family comes to our house and we eat until we can’t walk. When my mom changed the traditional dinner from turkey to prime rib she caught a lot of grief, but now we can’t think of having it any other way.

When we were younger, Christmas started several weeks before the actual day because we would head down to Orlando with the cousins and go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. The “snow” falling down Main Street, the hot chocolate and cookies that you find in your pockets of your coats a year later, the midnight parade, fireworks, and Cinderella’s Castle turning to ice are memories I will forever cherish. Though that tradition has been lost over the years, my parents will still sometimes surprise us with a special trip.

The most important part of our holiday traditions is the fact that our family is together. This year we are truly blessed because my cousin Luke will be celebrating with us for the first time in many many years. My family is the most important thing in my life, and I can’t think of spending the holiday any other way. Despite the nagging and the sarcasm and the picking, my family is truly the greatest gift that I could have this year.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. May you be blessed abundantly and may you provide for those without!

My Amazing Family at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas

What are your most cherished holiday traditions? How do you feel about changing traditions or adding new ones?


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