DIY: Ornament Place Card Holder

by Emily Grace

When I get bored or just simply need a break from work,  my crafty gene is sure to come out.  I get it from my mother.  She’s pretty fabulous, and has some intensely awesome ideas… just take a look at my school projects growing up (I did make an animal cell that my entire science class could sit in for my cell project in seventh grade).  Holidays tend to bring out even more craftiness or at least dreams of craftiness.

Since I’ve been waking up way too early for anyone that is on vacation, I have chosen to fall back into watching the Today Show.  The other week Jo Pearson, head crafter from Michael’s, was on giving some fun holiday crafting ideas.  If you are anything like my family, then you are probably pretty decent at breaking things.  If this happens with your ornaments don’t you dare throw them away because Jo provided us with a GREAT craft idea to make use of parts of those broken globes.  She created place card holders out of ornaments to set on your Christmas table for your guests.  So brilliant!  I would definitely do this if my family didn’t completely disregard assigned seating.

All you need for this project are globe ornaments, a hot glue gun with glue, rubber glue gun pad, double sided tape, glitter or ribbon for decorating.

Here’s her brilliant idea:

Take the hook/loop out of your broken ball ornament and place it in the new or unbroken ornament next to the already existing loop.  This creates a double loop that will eventually hold the name card.

Feel free to decorate ornament as desired.  Jo provides the simple decorating idea of placing a strip of double sided tape around the ball and then rolling it in glitter to give it a glittery stripe (so easy!).  If you’re more crafty inclined go all out and be creative with your decorating.

After you have decorated it to your likings, make a quarter size amount of hot glue on a hot glue gun pad (or any rubber pad that the glue will peal off of) and stick the ornament up right in the glue and allow to dry.  This creates a base for the ornament.

All you have to do now is write your guests names on little cards and stick them between the loops.  How cute and easy is that?  Thanks Jo Pearson for making Christmas tables delightful!

Loves it!  Let me know if you decided to decorate your table with a little extra holiday craft joy.

Keep it Sweet ‘n Low!


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