My heat goes Boom Boom Boom

by Emily Grace

My ability to get work done, whether it be real work or blog work, has come to a complete halt today. Why you ask? Apartment maintenance I tell you! I live in a delightful little disaster. Since the gas leak and subsequent stove and oven replacement I have made at least three maintenance calls a week in order to complain about the tractor-trailer (or radiator) in my room and the lack of heat that my stove/oven produces.

Today I have a wonderful handyman, Julio, working on my apartment. He asked, in Spanish–a language that I don’t speak, to borrow my tools because he didn’t bring any with him. Then he broke a piece off my radiator, went to the hardware store, decided to just get rid of that radiator (which he couldn’t move and requested a towel to put under it to slide it out of my apartment… and then boom boom boom down the stairs) and now a new (actually previously owned) radiator has entered my room. I just hope it doesn’t sound like I-95 is running through my bedroom anymore. The stove and oven have yet to be fixed.

With two more events this week, a trip to Ikea in store to pick up tables for Saturday’s wedding, and a flower district adventure in order, this was the last thing I needed today! Will I get everything done? I sure hope so, but until then, I will watch the Food Network and work on my Christmas craft projects.

Keep it Sweet ‘n Low!

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One Comment to “My heat goes Boom Boom Boom”

  1. I’m impressed, but a handyman without tools is like a cupcake without icing – useless! Good luck!

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