The Holidays are here!

by Emily Grace

This weekend pushed me head first into the holiday season.  Since the day after Thanksgiving, I used some restraint here, I have been listening to my favorite Christmas tunes (e.i. N*Sync Christmas and Mariah Carey Christmas), watching classic holiday movies, and baking up a storm.  However, this weekend was like no other!  For the first time ever I saw snow—little white flurries fall from the sky—and I immediately called everyone in my family to share in the excitement.  Following the snow excitement, I headed out to Brooklyn to go to my first holiday party of the season complete with hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps.

With so many holiday parties and winter weddings that lie ahead, I’ve decided to create an inspiration board that showcases my favorite things for the most magical holiday events!

You can really go several different directions for winter parties and weddings.  You can stick with the cool and icy look with soft blues and silvers and whites which lends to a very chic looking event, which I’ve created for you here, or you can go in the other direction with rich reds and browns and purples and greens that provide an element of warmth and I feel makes your event more cozy and rustic, but more on the casual side.  I’ll be exploring a number of these options over the next few weeks as we dive into the holidays, but whatever you decide your special event is sure to be the talk of the town.

Keep it Sweet ‘n Low!


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