Let’s start at the very beginning… it’s a very good place to start.

by Emily Grace

Hey y’all!

Living in NYC is really putting a damper on my love for all things southern.  It seems as though people up here don’t appreciate the simple things in life–like lounging in a rocking chair and enjoying a good book and sipping on some sweet tea (a taste that I have more recently acquired).  However, I refuse to allow the big city to take away these wonders that are so essential to my life.  You may laugh at my cowboy boots, but they’re more comfortable than your stilettos!

Spending my days working as an event planner and being guided by the most amazing mentor and boss, Danielle Bobish of Curtain Up Events, has further ignited my passion for organization and parties and the little details and more than anything the world of crafting.

In the posts to come, I invite you to share in life’s little pleasures and all things southern from the things that inspire me to the events I’m we create to the delicious delights cooking in my kitchen.  Enjoy the sweetly southern treats of my low country life style, even if I am in the big city for now.

Keep it sweet ‘n low!


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One Comment to “Let’s start at the very beginning… it’s a very good place to start.”

  1. So excited! Can’t wait to see everything that you’ve been doing!!

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